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Nondik gertu: Crystal (historical), Idaho (United States)

The location of this ride is the East Fork of the Salmon River. A good time to do this ride is the end of June. The weather will not be too cold or too hot. There are some clear trails leading to higher elevation but we also do a lot of cross country riding.

We have always been successful in finding small herds of wild horses. You never know where you are going to find them. Sometimes they even come down and graze on the hillside next to the meadow where we make camp. There is also resident pronghorn and elk. Pronghorn are solitary or in small groups. Elk are usually spotted in larger herds on distant hillsides. I think they are traveling to higher elevations as summer approaches.

The Over the Hill Gang is made up of "older" riders and it is not easy to get them to camp out very often. Old bones don't rest well on the ground. But when we get there, it is so much fun having a potluck dinner, talking and listening to several members play their guitars and sing.

I always like looking for crystals. Somehow crystals form in volcanic ash rock. You have to keep a sharp eye out for them. There are several areas along trails where crystals are more concentrated. Sometimes we find good pieces on the ridges and ravines. It is also possible to find petrified wood in the region round about.

We usually arrive in the afternoon and do a short ride to the North of our camp. The track I have posted is a regular route we use on our first full day and it heads in a SE direction. In recent years, our riding group has ridden up Boulder Creek to Frog Lake (see the trail of same name) on the third day. Most drive home after that ride.

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