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Koordenatuak 1021

Noiz igoa 13 de octubre de 2018

Noiz egina octubre 2018

77 m
57 m
5,75 km

Bisitak 388, kokapena 47

Nondik gertu Oltrarno, Toscana (Italia)

A pleasant walk in the heart of Florence, the birthplace ot the Renaissance and italian fashion. Lot of museums can be visited but the whole city is an open air museum! You will feel the historical greatness of this city. The Cathedral of Florence is spectacular as well as all the narrow pedestrian streets. I fell in love with this city!
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  • argazkia ala.jadooa

    ala.jadooa 16-oct-2018

    On my bucket list for sure ! Glad you enjoyed the walk, city, views and all that comes with it as well!

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