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Bisitak 2161, kokapena 11

Nondik gertu Pláka, Attica (Greece)

Here is a great little historical walk, which I did one morning in Athens. Certainly not as spectacular as the Acropolis, however I think that it is more interesting.

My personal favourite monument is the tower of the winds. Vitruvius (ancient Roman architect) states that the tower was octagonal in shape. Each side depicted a particular wind. On the top of the tower, a bronze figure, would swivel and show the direction of the wind. Hence the ancients were able to study the wind and determine, which winds were healthy and which were not. This greatly improved the design of ancient cities, which had optimal orientation with regards to the winds.

There you go, the ancient architects knew more about ecological sustainable design than we do.


18-NOV-10 7:59:10

Tower of the winds

my favourite archaeological site

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