1.450 m
1.294 m
6,29 km

Bisitak 2710, kokapena 32

Nondik gertu Rossi, Veneto (Italia)

The "Via dei Granatieri" is trial made during the first world war.
You'll find galleries, fire positions, cannon positions, observation positions, trench, ... ...
It is just renewed with written guides.
Well done.

The nicest landscape view in the area!

See enclosed photos or give a look on Google (search nixa_turky)

At the end you will find "Rifugio del Granatiere", you can eat or have a drink.

Edges are all secured by wire but pay attention in any case.
Very easy and appropriate for kids (keep them close to you).
Needed the battery in the galleries while dark!
It is good to have also jacket while in the galleries is cold and windy.

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    nardi4wl 15-jun-2015

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Facile passeggiata sul Monte Cengio

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