859 m
56 m
4,67 km

Bisitak 3801, kokapena 105

Nondik gertu Siglufjörður, Eyjafjardarsysla (Ísland)

Located across the fjord from the town of Siglufjörður, Hestskarðshnjúkur is one of the taller peaks in the area and offers a very nice view in all directions. Originally I had thought the route indicated in the Book had to be wrong, that it would make more sense to make for the pass for which the mountain is named and proceed to the top from there. I was wrong - the route indicated in the Book is perfect.
On the way up I kept hearing rocks fall down the slopes of the adjacent peak, whether that was caused by the tunnel being blasted through these mountains is anybody's guess - though I doubt it!


25-JUL-08 8:56:30


25-JUL-08 11:19:21 - 25-JUL-08 11:19:21

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