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Nondik gertu: Peñal, Penal/Debe (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

This scenic driving trail starts in Charlo Village, Penal at 10.17320°N and -61.47449°W. It leads to the southern fishing villages of Cedros and Icacos Point before returning to Charlo Village. From 10.17320°N and -61.47449°W at the corner of Tulsa Trace and San Francique Main Road proceed heading 105° along the San Francique Main Road. At the junction of the S.S. Erin Road and San Francique Main Road at 10.16780°N and -61.46462°W turn right heading 231°. Follow the S.S. Erin Road through Siparia, Quarry Village, Palo Seco, and Los Bajos.
Turn right at the junction of the Field Road and the S.S. Erin Road located at 10.11099°N and -61.56643°W. This stretch of roadway is owned and maintained by State owned oil company Petrotrin. It gives access to Petrotrin’s Land Exploration and Storage Facilities. Along this part of the route it is very common to see numerous hawks, kites, and other bird species. Turn right heading 234° at 10.11659°N and -61.58538°W onto No. 26 Road to continue the trek. At the four road intersection located at 10.14166°N and -61.16262°W you would continue straight on heading 282°. A right turn here leads into Fyzabad. This road ends on the outskirts of Point Fortin at the roundabout.
A sharp left turn heading 227° at the roundabout located at 10.16813°N and -61.66103°W leads onto the Chatam Main Road. Turn right heading 309° at 10.14144°N and -61.70182°W to continue along the Chatam Main Road. Turn left heading 269° at 10.09331°N and -61.86156°W to continue to either Columbus Bay or Icacos Point. Turn left heading 292° at the junction located at 10.08821°N and -61.88299°W to continue to Icacos Point. Turn left heading 193° at 10.08670°N and -61.89086°W onto St. Quintin Road and follow on to Icacos Point. This road ends at the fishing facility at Icacos Point. A right turn heading 295° onto Icacos Point Road located at 10.04582°N and -61.91412°W will end at the very tip of the island of Trinidad. The point is located at 10.06054°N and -61.92747°W. From here you’ll get a good view of Soldado Rock. This tiny island is the source of some dispute between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.
I opted to spend the rest of the day at a privately owned beach camp located at 10.05064°N and -61.92951°W. From here you can turn about and return the way that you came. The options for the return are through Fyzabad, along the Field Road to Palo Seco, or along the Erin - Cap de Ville Road to the village of Erin. The Field Road is not lit by street lights at night so exercise caution. The route along the Erin - Cap de Ville Road traverses Buenos Ayres. From Erin it’s a simple matter of following the Southern Main Road through Rancho Quemando, Palo Seco, Los Bajos, Santa Flora, and Siparia to return to the starting point.
In summary the drive is scenic but take along a hat for protection from direct sunlight and long garments and insect repellant for bugs. When I visited on November 2nd, 2014 there was a major mosquito problem in Icacos Point. In Cedros they celebrated “Hosay“ on this day and that made for a very interesting experience...
Happy Trails...

Starting Point.

This is the start of the driving trail...

Town of Siparia.

This waypoint is located along the S.S. Erin Road in the town of Siparia...

Field Road Junction.

This waypoint is located at the Field Road intersection with the S.S.Erin Road..

Junction along Field Road.

This waypoint is located along the Field Road...

Main Junction.

Waypoint located at a Main Junction along the Field Road...

Point Fortin.

Waypoint located at the junction into Point Fortin...

Turning Junction.

Waypoint located at the junction turn into Chatam, Point Fortin...


Waypoint located within the village of Chatam...

Cedros Bay...

Waypoint located along the main road at Cedros Bay...

Icacos Point.

Waypoint located at Icacos Point...

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