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Nondik gertu Mayberry-Highland Park, Nevada (United States)

Hard packed dirt trail, has water running in irrigation season. Woodchuck parking is on the way to Thomas Creek trailhead. This is the spot to park to go upstream to Hole in the Wall. Going downstream from here you must use some city streets to get around some of the places where the 1% of property owners block access. I started at Horseman Park on Skyline, going upstream so I could coast back, but this was my first time so I didn't record the trail until I was heading back. The 7.2 miles is ONE WAY only, so 14.5 miles round trip.


Parking area just off of Plateau Rd. Many people park here to head upstream to Hole in the wall.

Keshmiri Pl

Just down the road from Woodchuck. There are many unfriendly road signs here, but ride up just about 100' and you will find the gap by the trail gate and see the trail is very, very, well worn here. Obviously other people ignore the signs all the time.

Kashmiri fence gap so you can access the trail

It is there on the left, my bike got through it fine.

Driveway access is ok

Nice private paver driveway (pretty long, goes right by the house) where the owners are allowing access to the trail.

Driveway sign

Sign facing downstream below the paver driveway. Looks like a very old sign.

Street break at Meridian

Turn left around to the downhill side, then at Susileen head uphill, the ditch trail will be on your left.

Shortcut up to Markridge

Biggest break in trail access. Go uphill (right) on Markridge, then go uphill (left) on Susileen, continue up over the crest. Watch for the ditch on your left, the driveway is very hidden on the downhill side.

Susileen St driveway back to trail

On your left as you are going downhill, big trees, and wooden mail box structure. Watch for it, easy to miss it.

Horseman Park at Skyline is another driveway

Across the street you just see a private driveway. BUT this is the ditch trail entrance, in about 50 feet you will see the trail.

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