1.047 m
860 m
135,15 km

Bisitak 322, kokapena 3

Nondik gertu Yot’ Aghbyur, Yerevan (አርሜኒያ)

Biking trail description
The bike trail starts from Yerevan and reaches the picturesque, fruitful valleys of Armavir province. At 135 km, we recommend you take two days, arranging a night’s stay in nearby areas. There are many vineyards in the region and the gardening, viniculture and wine-making are quite well developed. The wine lovers can also visit the brandy factory nearby.
Grapes, apricots, peaches, plums, watermelons, melons and other fruits and vegetables are grown on the land. The right period to taste the sunny fruits of Armenia is from July to September. The bike route passes between two indescribable marvelous mountains of Armenia: Aragats is 4090 meters west and Ararat is 5165 meters west. The route ends at the memorial monument of Sardarapat heroic battle. Warning! The border with Turkey is about 7-8 kilometers away from this site.

Monuments description:
It is possible to visit the Holy Cathedral Echmiadzin (Spiritual Center of Armenia), ruins of Zvartnots Temple, St. Hripsime, St. Gayane and St. Shoghakat churches in Vagharshapat.

Sardarapat Memorial Complex
This exclusive monument was built on the battlefield. Winged bulls and splendid triumphant bells are rectangular. The campanile (with 35 m height) is the dominant point of the complex, made with delicate artistry. The creativity has meaning in every single line. The vertical campanile is placed on a gradual stylobate, emphasizing the gradual movement and the aspiration to the sky.
Nature is heavily included in the architectural space. The campanile is composed of four rectangular shapes, from which the sky is visible. The bells hang on three rows, seeming ready to call for danger at any moment to the people. This was also the case during the cruel struggle when the bells barked for six days, bringing people out of the liberation war.
The crown was spread across the whole Ararat valley. Rafael Israelyan, the renowned Armenian architect, designed and constructed the building of the Ethnography Museum of Armenia on the left side of the memorial complex, which filled and completed the complex with its scope and idea. The building of the museum leaves the impression of the castle without windows. From the southern front, the author has provided two windows, one for Aragats and the other for Ararat.

The Flora
Akhuryan is one of the rivers of the country. In general, the climate here is continental, but sometimes winter can cause frostbite. In Armavir, the temperature rises to 40-42 °C. The mountain-winds are typical to this area. The winter is cold, bright and breezy, but the spring is short. Particularly, the autumn is very sunny, windy and the fruits are maturing in the garden. The natural semi-desert landscapes of the champagnes are quite variable.

The Fauna
In these areas of Armavir province very few animal species are possible to meet, due to lack of forests. There are wolves, foxes, rabbits, mice, birds, butterflies, insects and beetles. The serpents and lizards become more active in the summer period.

Safety and Security
Mobile connections are always available. In the case of an accident, rescue services function in Armenia 24/7 and the number is 911.

Trail technical parameters
Best period: April-November
Bike trail length: 134.3 km from Yerevan, preferable to pass within 2 days
Ride duration: 9 hours (please take into consideration this timing, not the GPS option)
Altitude from sea level: 1000-965-867 m
The best drink is bottled water

How to get to the trail
The above mentioned bike trail is designed from Yerevan to Armavir province. But in case of fatigue, it is better to hire a taxi in order to reach the bike trail. Reliable taxi cars are all over Armenia with electronic counters and are quite affordable.














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