15 m
-2 m
10,13 km

Bisitak 1391, kokapena 3

Nondik gertu Heerenveen, Friesland (Nederland)

Easy bike ride through the forest of Oranjewoud, a small village close to Heerenveen and known for Oranjewoud Palace. This palace was built by and belonged to the Dutch Royal family (the "Oranjes") in the 17th and 18th century who used it as a summer residence. The original palace does not exist anymore but the many beautiful country houses / villas, the park "Overtuin" and the museum "Belvédère" are absolutely worth making a tour through this forested area (either by foot or by bike).

- Time in movement: 54 min

- Average speed moving: 12,1 km/hr

- Max velocity: 27,3 km/hr

- Recorded on 27/07/2012

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