3.168 m
1.757 m
95,52 km

Bisitak 1021, kokapena 27

Nondik gertu Paznaun, Tyrol (Austria)

The tour starts at the Ishgl Ski pists. We paid the ticket and crossed the pists until we reached the Piz Val de Gronda lift. There it startes the real ski touring (To me, the best option is starting at Ishgl and climg up the valley to Heidelberger hütte).
The tour finishes at Partenen side. You must call for a bus in a free phone that you will find further up the road, that will take you to Piz Buin hotel. You can alsoask for info at the Saarbrücke hütte.
Excellent tour. Easy uphills and perfect descents. The alpine landscape is one of the nicests I've ever seen. Really worth it !!
You can visit the whole tour at: www.lepetitroc.cat

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