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Nondik gertu: Hooglatem, Flanders (Belgique)

Due to the corona pandemic wreaking havoc in Belgium (just like anywhere else in Europe), possibilities for outdoor activities are limited. I hence make another packraft trip on the Nazarethbeek, Rosdambeek and Duivebeek creeks in Parkbos Gent. Solo, and merely a 5 minutes walk from home…

The weather is gorgeous although there is a very cold easterly wind blowing. During my previous trip in this area 3 weeks ago, water levels were exceptionally high. In the meantime the level has dropped, but it is still sufficiently high for comfortable paddling.

Similarly to last time, I take the opportunity to collect some debris. It’s a real pity that some people apparently take fun in throwing empty wine bottles etc. into the water. I’m happy that my little trip out contributes to keeping the creeks in this area more or less clean.

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