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Nondik gertu Cedargrove, Missouri (United States)

3-day Canoe Trip.
Mike & Sabrina - Canoe
Tom & Joellen - Canoe
Lylene (Nana) - Kayak
Ashly - Kayak
Benjamin - Kayak
A popular spot for groups of kids to jump about 12 feet into the cool waters. The river zig-zags just beyond the jump-rock and can be quite a log-jamb on Saturdays.
This little spring boils out of an opening in the hillside to the right, just a few yards off a bend in the river.
This is my favorite beach to camp on!
One of the most interesting landmarks along the upper Current River, paddlers can enter the cave on the right hand side, but must do so with strong paddle strokes. The current emerging from the cave is quite strong.
This bluff is across from a beach, which is also accessible by a dirt road. Ascending the hillside to the jump-off point is only for the nimble of foot. The drop into the cool water is about 20 feet.
Worth ascending the riverbank, this cave is large enough to live in with a small prehistoric family of a band of outlaws. High ceiling and both a front and back door.
A high beach with large gravel... not too easy on the air-mattresses or the knees when setting up a tent. Located between Sugarcamp Hollow to the north and Mill Hollow to the south. On the east side of the river, we had shade till mid-morning. We also had 2 very noisy and curious raccoons who began their visit while we were having dinner.

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  • argazkia Robert L

    Robert L 26-ene-2019

    Looks like a happy family having fun!
    Love it. Stay blessed!

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