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Koordenatuak 2994

Noiz igoa 21 de octubre de 2017

Noiz egina octubre 2017

39 m
-14 m
9,31 mn

Bisitak 418, kokapena 2

Nondik gertu Panórmos, Attica (Greece)

A kayak trip from Panormos beach to part of Makronisos (southwest parts of the island). In total 17.25 km taking in account the sightseeing of Makronisos facilities on the island. The time represents sightseeing of the facilities and sightseeing of the natural coastline which was particularly worthy of seeing so it doesn’t reflect well the necessary time to carry out this kayak distance. This side/passage from Panormos to Makronisos being close to the port of Lavrio has a particularly heavy ship traffic and great caution is required wile in the passage. Good idea would be to keep in mind the time schedule of the route ships from and to Lavrio so that you avoid them. Still the other existing ships are enough to require great attention! Take extra causion of the weather conditions as this part can be very exposed to weather.
The trip is worth a wile by all means!

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    ioamere 09-may-2018

    Καλημέρα σκέφτομαι να κάνω τν διαδρομή με το καγιάκ μου. Επειδη δεν θελω να παω μονος λογω αποστασης, εαν ενδιαφερεσται μπορουμε να κανονισουμε μια εξορμηση. ευχαριστω

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