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Nondik gertu Akrotíri, South Aegean (Greece)

A truly magnificent paddling trip along the rugged and astonishing cliffs of the Akrotiri area, looping around Aspronisi for the best views of the whole archipelago. No more than a sea stack really, this little island marks the outer perimeter of the Santorini volcano which blew up into the air around 1600 BC. Savour the isolation, the deep blue wate and the rolling waves. Making your way around the South of Santorini, stop by one of the little restaurants for a seafood lunch.

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  • Marek Zielinski 01-jun-2016

    That seems like a very nice paddling trip. Great work posting this and you other paddling trips. This however does not look as any kind of a guided trip that I've seen so far, thus I am interested whether you were able to hire just a kayak for a self made trip somewhere in Santorini. And if so, where and how much did it cost? Similarly for your other paddling trips from the island. Thanks in advance.

  • argazkia Willemvanderbilt

    Willemvanderbilt 01-jun-2016

    We had to bring our own: no local rentals without guide...

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