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Noiz igoa 9 de octubre de 2016

Noiz egina octubre 2016

933 m
584 m
18,92 km

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Nondik gertu Suleskard, Vest-Agder (Norge)

Finaly made it up to Rosskreppfjorden. It was really gusty at the dam, but we decided to give it a go, in the hope that it would be cleaner further out. Mark tried to launch his 10m race kite, but it was too gusty. I went out on my 6m speed. Peter was taking photos. I was a little underpowered at first, but nicely powered further out. It was still fairly gust and banding. Kited up wind a bit, but it became even more gusty. Still a lot of fun to be kiting in such an amazing place. On the way back i didnt notice that the wind was dropping. I saw mark with his kite down near the shore, but though it was just in shadow. Then the wind dropped really fast. Within about 10 minutes i was unable to keep the kite in the sky. It was a long swim. 600m in 1 hour. It started out fairly quick, but as the kite filled up, it gat really hard to drag and I slowed down to a crawling pace. The kite was perpendicular and acting as a break. I think it would have been better to - leash the board, so it didnt drift away. - Wind in 5m of the oh shit line, so the kite flagged out completely. - leashed the bar and removed it from the harnes, so that the bar was further away from me whilst swimming and i dint kick it or get tangles. Hopefully this would have alowed me to swim fasther and have less chance of the kite filling up. The biggest lesson is, head home AS SOON AS you have any thoughts that it might be dropping.

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