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Nondik gertu Arroka, País Vasco (España)

De offroad track voor een coast to coast met allroadmotoren. Veel offroadpaden en enkele singletracks.

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  • argazkia Angeltransalp

    Angeltransalp 29-jun-2012

    He estado buscando una ruta similar y es lo mejor que he encontrado. Enhorabuena!!

  • argazkia txominxt

    txominxt 27-jul-2012

    Hola, somos un grupo de "traileros" que llevamos motos gordas: Bmw gs800, Yamaha xt660, etc. Es posible hacerlas con estas motos? Quiero decir sin estar sudando la gota gorda cada 500M. :)
    p.d. Muchas gracias a Greystoke por compartir la ruta.

    p.d. If you want, i can make the question in english.

  • greystoke 27-jul-2012

    Can you indeed send the question in english. My spanish is not so good. :-)

  • argazkia txominxt

    txominxt 28-jul-2012

    first of all, thank you very mucho for share your tracks and your trips with all of us.
    i'd want to ask you two questions.
    we're a group that use BMW gs 800, Yamaha XT 660 and those kind of big trail motorbikes.
    can we do your track without problems, more or less?
    And, how long did you take in make that trip?

    Thank you again, and if you need something about spain, don't hesitate in contact with me

  • argazkia Super Bock

    Super Bock 31-jul-2012

    Hi everybody,

    can anybody report if this track is ok for big maxitrail?, BMW GS 1200 & KTM 990.

    We would like to begin this trip in two days...

    My mail, is

    Thanks !!!

  • argazkia RPMOlímpico

    RPMOlímpico 12-ago-2012

    Hola a todos, quiero hacer esta ruta desde hace tiempo pero tengo una GS1200 Adventure y no sé si es apropiada para esta moto. Se puede hacer con una moto tan voluminosa y pesada? Muchísimas gracias.

  • greystoke 12-ago-2012

    hello. it is possible to ride this track with a 1200GS. one of our friends did it with an 1100GS. maybe in the beginning there is a difficult single track, especially when it is wet. you can allways take a alternative route and pick up the track later.

  • rogers buck 18-sep-2012

    hello grestoke, i have some question about this track. i m planning to ride this next year with my Ténéré XT660Z. do you have any idea what the best period is to this track, i was thinking to do it somewhere in may. What about sleeping places did you camp in the wild? i m plaaning to take everything with me: tent, sleepingbag, ... is the track fully offroad? is it safe to do it alone? i do have a gps with topo of spain and a map and compas (in case i get lost) or is there any change that you can get lost? i know i have a lot of question but is it better to be prepared and get al the tips you can get. tnx

  • Frank van Dorsselaer 29-sep-2012

    Best, the track is best ride in the autumn when there is no snow. With good tires (Pirelli MT21) you can ride anything. The track is safe to ride alone except in the beginning there is a difficult single track. Our GPS is a ZUMO and we use free topo maps. a good tip, travel as light as possible.

    Have fun out there

  • argazkia thebarber01

    thebarber01 22-abr-2013

    ive just downloaded this to my zumo but its only 896 km's,
    have i done something wrong?

  • Frank van Dorsselaer 22-abr-2013

    It is impossible to put this in one track in your zumo
    divide in 650ptn max for zumo 660 (import as off road track)
    500ptn max for zumo 500

    With Regards,


  • greystoke66 22-abr-2013

    for the zumo550 you must devide the track in pieces of 250 points (not 500 like mentioned above)

    kind regards

  • MattWR250 12-jul-2013

    Just done this route (Jul 2013) its about 50% off road and 50% road by time not distance. Some of the route has been washed out and paths and roads are closed so you have to be flexible. WR250R & XT660Z with camping gear. It is a fantastic adventure - thank you for the route! Do not take a Garmin Zumo 400, its not up to the job! Zumo 600 was much better.

  • ShitsAndGiggles 15-oct-2013

    How long did it take MattWR250?

  • John P F Anderson 05-nov-2013

    Hi Guys,
    Hoping to do this route on my F800GS next summer, can anyone advise me on how to download to my Zumo 350….and if necessary, how to divide the route up into smaller sections?
    Many thanks for any help you can give

  • argazkia thebarber01

    thebarber01 29-dic-2013

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Excellent trail, we did this on 990 advs & no probs except one of the bikes getting washed away, so be carefull on water splashes!

  • Agostinho Gomes 13-feb-2014

    quantos dias para fazer o track?
    qual a melhor epoca do anos para ir lá?
    el número de días para hacer la pista?
    ¿cuál es la mejor época del año para ir allí?

  • Frank van Dorsselaer 13-feb-2014


    5 to 6 days for the track.
    September is perfect (there are few tourists in the mountains then).



  • argazkia dracco

    dracco 02-mar-2014


    After reading all comments, what about doing it 2 in the same bike, a GS1200?
    The first part you say is difficult to do it alone, could you tell which villages is this between?

    Thank you

  • MattWR250 02-mar-2014

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Great ride! Thanks for sharing. UK based rider and well worth the trip. A proper adventure. Watch out for fuel, do not pass a station unless you have just filled up.

  • Frank van Dorsselaer 08-mar-2014

    If you have time to do it with a passenger that is possible.
    You'll drive more days.
    The dificult part in the first day after + /-20Km

  • argazkia thebarber01

    thebarber01 08-may-2014

    i'm doing this again in 4 weeks time & i'm hopefully using VIEWRANGER app on my ipad mini but i want a backup with my garmin 60csx.
    i downloaded it to garmin with the 500 waypoint option but its only showing up as a track, not route!!
    can anyone advise?

  • John P F Anderson 21-ago-2014

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Two of us from the UK did the trail in June 2014 on fully laden GS 1200 and F800GS Adventure's.
    We followed the GPS route quite easily using my Garmin Zumo 350, backed up by marked maps. We only baulked at a couple of very technical off road sections and had to turn back on one occasion, at the top of a high pass because of deep snow. Whilst many of the trails were quite technical, the bikes performed brilliantly. Despite their weight, standing up and shod with Karoo 3 and TKC80's it was amazing what they could do!
    The road sections were sublime, just kilometre after kilometre of smooth, twisty and empty tarmac, with stunning scenery at every turn. We enjoyed hot sunshine on every day but one, when were caught in day of torrential rain and plummeting temperatures as we descended down to the Santander coastline on our road route back to the port.
    A fantastic trip, so many thanks for all those contributing to Wikilocs who made our trip possible!
    I have posted an album of photos with comments, on Facebook of the trip, showing the variety of terrain experienced on the route. You can see it here at:

  • argazkia JP-ADV990R

    JP-ADV990R 03-ene-2015

    Hi everyone,
    We planning on doing this route around the end of June... Early July!! Thanks for all the info!! Just a question regarding fuel stops......? Are they easy to find along the route? Along the small towns or villages along the way? There's always the options of leaving the off-road tracks and find fuel. Any help would be great thanks

  • Frank van Dorsselaer 03-ene-2015

    fuel is sufficient present and no problem. in june-July may be still snow on the peaks . campsites are sufficient and wild camping is also possible.
    have fun

  • John P F Anderson 03-ene-2015

    Agree with Frosti...absolutely no problems locating fuel in many of the small towns along the route. We went last June and was only blocked once by snow on one of the highest trails.
    Have a great trip!

  • argazkia thebarber01

    thebarber01 11-ene-2015

    were goin one way this year towards the med then up thru some military trails & back via holland, getting dropped right on the doorstep Newcastle

  • argazkia Fanelli56

    Fanelli56 05-nov-2016

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Hello there!

    this is a fantastic track to do. On Nov 2017, me and my son we just crossed the Pyrenees starting from Cadaquest to Irun following your track. Greystoke, you are the master!

    This trip took us 5 complete days, of around 10 driving hours per day. Very good weather.

    The motorbikes we used are two Kawaski KLE 500, mine from the 91' and my sons is from the 2005. We had no problems at all, and we think this track is doable also with big trail using tyres for offroad and mixed, in order to avoid problems during wet weather.

    Sometimes the track did not follow the road exactly, so we need to zoom out and figure it out better. in general this did not cause serious problems.

    Greystoke thank you very much for your job.

    Kind regards

  • nickdet 02-may-2017

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Thanks Greystoke for sharing this .
    I did this route in September 2016 without any problems, I was riding alone on a DRZ 400 carrying camping gear. Conditions were mainly dry so the riding was pretty straightforward.
    Great fun and spectacular scenery, I recommend it highly.

    I made a few modifications to the route, mainly in the approaches to Andorra where I took in a longer, more off-road route using track info from another wikiloc member - ' Equipe des Chevres ', route des contrebandiers.

  • greystoke 03-may-2017

    thank you for the adjustment!
    greetings and lots of offroadfun :-)

  • gonzaloi 08-may-2017

    Hello guys,
    I am planing to do this route this coming month of July. It is the first time I am going to go off road without a guide or person who knows the the route How necessary is it to have a GPS system, would it be necessary? Would an Ipad with the wright software be enough? I would really apreciate your advise. Thx

    Voy a hacer esta ruta este próximo mes de Julio. Va a ser la primera vez que haga una ruta sin guia o con alguien que sepa navegar. ¿Sería necesario comprar un GPS o sería suficiente con un Ipad y el software adecuado? Muchísimas gracias por vuestros consejos. Muchísimas gracias.

  • Frank van Dorsselaer 08-may-2017

    A GPS is useful and necessary. I recommend (and use) the Garmin map 64 with a touratech holder on the handelbar. Robust vibratiion proof multy use walking MTB riding

  • gonzaloi 09-may-2017

    Thank you very much Frank. I take that the Ipad mini or similar wouldn´t do? Why is that?

    Thx again

  • argazkia thebarber01

    thebarber01 09-may-2017

    i used an ipad mini in an Andres Industries hard case with Viewranger app, the only problem with this is viewing in the sun.

  • gonzaloi 10-may-2017

    Thank you very much thebarber01

  • argazkia Pabloso

    Pabloso 02-ago-2017

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Realizada (en parte) con Ktm 640 adv en Julio 2017. La ruta es espectacular, con unos paisajes magníficos y mucho off road. No hay muchas complica clones, con la Ktm y unos Metzeller Sáhara bastante gastados, no tuve problemas. Llevaba la moto cargada. Con una maxitrail quizás es mejor ir con neumáticos de más taco, para evitar problemas de tracción en algunos puntos con cuestas empinadas y pedregosas. El primer tramo del Pirineo Navarro lo salté por exceso de barro, llovió bastante por ahí. La ruta es larga y bonita, se pueden encontrar variante fácilmente si es necesario. Una gran experiencia para cualquier trailers.
    Subí un vídeo de la ruta aquí
    Gracias a greystoke por subirla, es un track muy bueno.

  • argazkia Joshu Gómez

    Joshu Gómez 28-ago-2017

    Hola a todos. Acabo de llegar de hacer la ruta. La he realizado con dos amigos. Motos trail ligeras. En mi caso las motos descargadas, ya que el equipaje lo llevaba otro amigo por carretera en una furgoneta. Lo hemos hecho desde Cabo Creus a Fuenterrabía. Desde el 21-8-2017 al 25-8-2017. Cinco jornadas. Hay tres puntos complicados. Aparte de la zona final cerca de Elizondo, que prácticamente es enduro. El primer punto es nada mas salir de Llansá, cogemos pista y cuando empezamos a calentar hay una subida que cuando culmina desemboca en una bajada de piedras y rocas muy pendientes y resbaladizas. En esta bajada la moto mas pesada que iba primera tubo una caída al no esperar la bajada y salir casi volando. Esta bajada con moto cargada o maxitrail es muy complicada de pasar. Mejor buscar alternativa. Luego encontraremos en otras etapas subidas rotas que dependerá del piloto. Para mi mejor con trail ligeras. Tipo Suzuki drz, ktm 690 o similar. Incluso los tramos de carretera son un gustazo. Muchas carreteras se nota que son antiguas pistas que se han asfaltado. La ruta es preciosa. Para hacerla en 5 días he dividido la ruta en etapas de entre 187 km y 289 km la del ultimo día. Esta ultima etapa recomiendo dividirla en dos. De esta forma se puede ir mas relajado y hacer paradas fotográficas sin problemas. Ojo en la ultima etapa con la gasolina ya que hay un tramo de 180 km sin gasolinera. Al final de este tramo estaremos en Francia y encontraremos que la gasolinera esta a 100 metros del track y no se ve. Aconsejo echar gasolina en esta gasolinera ya que lo que nos espera es otro tramo largo sin gasolina y pasarse esta gasolinera puede ser un problema. En fin, que doy las gracias al autor de la ruta, he disfrutado mucho. Si tenéis alguna pregunta , solo hacerla y os contestaré.

  • argazkia Joshu Gómez

    Joshu Gómez 10-sep-2017

    Este es el vídeo por si queréis echar un vistazo

  • spelky 10-oct-2017

    Just completed the eastern half of this route, (followed Vibraction RB5 westwards towards Ainsa). Great route, thanks Greystoke for all your hard work. I have one question - on the very last part of the route from La Jonquera to Llanca there is a section just before Espolla which borders a military zone, on the route is a very steep climb which we did ok on XTZ 660s with luggage but I wanted to check if this was the correct route. This climb was a bit out of character and much steeper than the rest of the route and just wanted to be sure we were following the correct track, we didn't want to be detained by the Spanish military!

  • argazkia Joshu Gómez

    Joshu Gómez 11-oct-2017

    Hola Spelky,
    es correcto, existe una subida muy mala que esta en el track. Yo estuve este verano haciendo la ruta y no me di cuenta de la zona militar. Pero no te preocupes en España el ejercito no se dedica a detener a nadie. En todo caso te indicarían amablemente que estabas en zona restringida. España es una democracia consolidada desde mas de 40 años. El ejercito tiene por misión defender la unidad del país y su defensa frente a ataques externos. No se como se te ha ocurrido Que te podrian detener. Te recomiendo veas este vídeo, que aunque es en español, veras la subida de la que hablas.
    Un cordial saludo.

    Hello Spelky,
    is correct, there is a very bad rise that is on the track. I was this summer doing the route and I did not realize the military zone. But do not worry in Spain the army is not dedicated to arrest anyone. In any case they would kindly indicate that you were in a restricted area. Spain is a democracy consolidated since more than 40 years. The army's mission is to defend the country's unity and defense against external attacks. I do not know how it occurred to you That they could stop you. I recommend you watch this video, that although it is in Spanish, you will see the rise of which you speak.
    A cordial greeting.

  • spelky 11-oct-2017

    Hola Joshuerrot

    Thank you for your reply, good to know we were on the correct route and thanks for the video link. Best wishes

  • b10h4ck 17-abr-2018

    Hi All ! ! !
    wonderfull route! :-)
    We would like use our Land Rover Defenders... it is possible?

    Thanks in advance!


  • argazkia NANDOXC

    NANDOXC 13-dic-2018

    Is it posible to do this track in december/january????

  • nickdet 16-dic-2018

    NANDOXC Dec 13, 2018
    Is it posible to do this track in december/january????

    Seriously ? , the high bits will be snowed in....!! !!
    In addition I think at least one of the tracks is closed from November to May due to hibernating bears in the area.
    Read all the comments above as to the best time to do this route. I did it in September and it was ace :-)

  • argazkia NANDOXC

    NANDOXC 16-dic-2018

    Cool....thanks for your coment.....cheers!!!!

  • argazkia jp.ropa

    jp.ropa 27-abr-2019

    Hello, where exactly is the steeper climb ?
    I would like to avoid it.

  • nickdet 27-abr-2019

    jp.ropa 27-abr-2019
    Hello, where exactly is the steeper climb ?
    I would like to avoid it.

    Read the comments from Spelky and Joshuerott above as they describe it but by my reckoning it is north-west of Vilartoli, 42°23'46.7"N 2°57'54.1"E. Very easy to navigate around it.

    I did this route in 2016 and can't remember there being any really steep bits but it is possible I took a wrong turning and missed it :-)

  • argazkia jp.ropa

    jp.ropa 27-abr-2019

    D'ailleurs je pensais plus ou moins suivre votre trace Pyrénées 2016
    On y va en KTM 690 et avec une BMW GS 1200.

    Et j'essaie d'éviter les passages trop endurisants

  • argazkia jp.ropa

    jp.ropa 27-abr-2019

    Sorry nicket for my answer in french.

    Besides I thought more or less follow your track Pyrenees 2016.
    We are in KTM 690 and with a BMW GS 1200.
    And I try to avoid overly enduring passages.

  • nickdet 27-abr-2019

    Pas probleme, si vous suivez mon trace,,( qui est presque le meme que à celle de Greystoke, ) vous ne devriez pas rencontrer trop de problèmes avec le 690 certainement...le GS... Hmm ! ...bon courage et bonne route.. :-)

  • Bruno Bonnier Lopez 21-may-2019

    Se podría hacer con coche todo terreno?

  • Luxor61 21-may-2019

    Bruno. Mi experiencia ha sido en moto en el 2016. También soy usuario de 4x4 y, salvo algún sendero, el 99% es factible en TT.

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