517 m
48 m
24,25 km

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Nondik gertu: Nardini, Toscana (Italia)

Start and end point is the memorial of the cyclist stone in San Baronto.
Partly unpaved and some (small) asphalt roads.

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  • argazkia Leonardo Da Vinci Bike Tour

    Leonardo Da Vinci Bike Tour 27-feb-2014

    Good ride, If you are interested to explore other single track on the Montalbano hills contact us

  • argazkia Elconio

    Elconio 27-feb-2014

    Thanks! Did this ride in my vacation. And after 2 years of Tuscany we have another destination for 2014 (costa brava) but the question is not if we come back to tuscany but when. Its a really nice place to cycle, San Baronto and the hills around Vinci! Whe had a great time in Italy.

  • emile2007 20-ago-2014

    Fantastic route. However,on the trail up from Lucciano I had to walk some parts. This route really offers a great opportunity to explore the beautiful country side.

  • argazkia eddy.joseph

    eddy.joseph 12-jul-2018

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  egiaztatua  Ikusi gehiago

    Bert nice track

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