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Nondik gertu: Olmotoni, Arusha (Tanzania)

We have left the car, in the house of a man, give him 2000tsh on our way back, safe.
The trail start crossing some maasai villages and then goes up. You climb, climb, climb through maasai villages, with AMAZING VIEWS, of all the sorrounding valleys, on the way dust, dust, dust and more dust and donkeys, goats, sheeps and cows with maasai kids pastoring them. Monduli mountain stays at the backgrownd all time until you reach it. Suddenly you will cross the forest, the edge between Mondul and populatated areas. Beautiful!!! We have seen some monkeys, kind of blue colobos. After that we have crossed a main maasai village, with a big market taking place, and start the way back. You will be flanking some big hills, all the rift valley depression by your left side. No words. Wonderful. Quite flat here until find the way down to the main road. We have continue following the main road, all the way down to our car, I guess there are kind of 4km and a half, but my phone battery was almost finish so I decided to save the trail in that point, to don't lose the whole thing. Its a round-trip route.

*One of the most beautiful tracks I have ever done in Arusha and sorrounding areas. Highly recomended, dusty, hilly, hard but gorgeous.

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