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16 de febrero de 2019

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febrero 2019
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Nondik gertu: Ogren, Gjirokastër (Albania)

On the second day of this 2-day tour things become a bit easier – but still big adventure time. From your rest for the night it`s mainly downhill to the main valley, including some wild washed out tracks. After crossing the river close to the hydroelectric and a short climb to the other side of the valley, you get some more spectacular views into a big canyon. A further 5 km, and you reach a modern asphalt road. Here comes a special treat: Turn to the right, and you (easily) find the natural hot water springs of Bënjë! Treat yourself with a swim in warm water while enjoying a mountain view – just as they did it already centuries ago. From there it’s a final 12 km over flat asphalt to Përmet, the regional center where you started two days ago. Not for the first 20 km, but after that (at the thermal springs) you find bars restaurants etc.

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