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Nondik gertu: Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Québec (Canada)

The crossing at the damn was open and it was our first time across. Then we found a new spot nearby the damn to relax by the water.

Fist part the trail from Saint Michel to Cabanon was a bit rough as the part from Cabanon to the damn but after that it was a smooth ride. :-)

Reservoir - trail was opened for the first time!!!

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  • Kevin N Cameron 11-abr-2019

    Thanks for posting your trails! i plan to try them out this summer! im always looking for new adventures!

  • argazkia GrandVit_4WD

    GrandVit_4WD 31-ene-2020

    Seems like a nice trail! I am looking for trails in the Laurentides, would you happen to have more secret spot that you haven’t uploaded on wikiloc? I’ll be moving to the Joliette area soon and a little help to find trails would be more than welcome!!

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