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Nondik gertu Examília, Peloponnese (Greece)

Traveling to the city of Corinth by train from Athens and making a roundtrip hike along the south side of the Canal of Corinth.
Starting from the Corinth railways station I walked in an easterly direction south of the railway and highway 8 (E94) on quiet country roads to the entrance of the canal at Isthmia in the Saronic Gulf (10 km).
After lunch on a terrace at the canal I continued hiking by following the canal of the south side. For most of the way there is a track close to the top of the canal. Only between the highway and the Istmus bridge I had to move away from the canal.
From the submerged bridge at the entrance of the Gulf of Corinth (back to the city the main road is not the nicest road to walk but after about 1 kilometer there is a nice walking boulevard at the waterfront that runs into city of Corinth.
From the city center it is about 2 kilometres back to the railway station

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  • argazkia Ivo Aceto

    Ivo Aceto 08-feb-2016

    Sounds interesting. Are there signposts that lead to the pathways?
    Any time I drive from Peloponnese towards Athens I look up at the Acrocorinth fortress on top of the mountain by the motorway and think that one day I must walk up there. Have you done that?

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