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Nondik gertu: Heerstraße, Berlin (Deutschland)

I took the M49 bus to Flatowallee/Olympiastadion and started the walk up to Teufelsberg - a man-made hill on building debris and rubble from World War 2. Look it up on Wikipedia! There was a US listening station on the top during the cold war, and after it was closed the abandoned buildings have become a magnet for street artists. There is a 5 euro entry fee to the area.

I then continued through Grunewald towards Grunewaldturm (unfortunately closed), where I descended down to the banks of the Havel. On my way towards Nikolasse S-bahn station I had hoped to take a close look at the famous Strandbad Wannsee, but that's not really possible without paying to go in for a swim - and I didn't bring my beach wear.


The name literally means "Devil's mountain", look it up on Wikipedia for more details. A must for anyone interested in street art and/or history, definitely worth spending 5 euros and at least 30 minutes up here.


On of many nature reserves within Grunewald. Some of them are fenced in to protect vulnerable animal life.


A memorial tower to mark the 100th birthday of the German Emperor Wilhelm I (d. 1888), opened 1899.

Strandbad Wannsee

Not possible to see the beautiful sea front from the road without paying you way to go for a swim. The picture was taken from the other side of the Wannsee bay last year.

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