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Nondik gertu: Behagh, County Clare (Ireland)

A walk along a quiet country lane and then steep up to the top of Abbey Hill. This is great limestone landscape and especially in early summer there are lots of flowers to admire. From the "return path" waypoint you follow the country lane back to the starting point. So, this actually is a loop and the total length is 8km (5miles).
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01 Church of St. Patrick

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02 Return Path

This is were you come down again on the country lane when descending Abbey Hill. Alternatively you could do the walk in reverse and start your climb here.
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03 St. Patrick's Well

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04 Break in the Wall - Path up

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05 Summit of Abbey Hill

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  • argazkia Ingrid H

    Ingrid H 24 feb. 2018

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    I have done this walk a few times, I found it in the West of Ireland Walks book. The view is fabulous, I would do it again on a day with clear sky and no rain (the rocks can be slippery). On the walk down you are following a stone wall so you have something to hold on to

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