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Bisitak 4096, kokapena 57

Nondik gertu Skarð, Suðurland (Ísland)

This is the first part of a 9-day hike from the F225, exit Hekla (waypoint), to the Eldgja area on the F208 in the SW of Iceland. Most of it is cross-country with no signs or trails. In some parts we have omitted sections of the GPS tracks because they were obviously not optimal.

Day 1: we left the Reykjavik-Landmannalaugar bus at exit Hekla (sign) on the F225 and intended to camp at lake Saudafellsvatn, N of Hekla. However, we were blown away in a sandstorm, so hiked to the Afangagil hut which was (apart from the lake) the closest place to exit Hekla where we found water. Just after pitching our tent at Afangegil (there is tap water outside), the guard arrived with his family and we could move into the new nice hut.

Only the track from the lake to the Afangagil hut is shown. Going from the E edge of the the lake straight N may be better than this track because in that way the 1970 lava field would be circumvented (according to the map). The Landmaelingar Islands 100,000:1 map Torsmork-Landmannalaugar is not very accurate at exit Hekla since exit Afangagil is much further W on the F225 than shown on the map. So we made a shortcut.

003 Saudafellsvatn


004 Exit Hekla from F225


005 Hut Afangagil (water)

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