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Nondik gertu Argalastí, Thessaly (Greece)

This walk follows the old kalderimi route to Lafkos. Much of this is now earth road and tracks but from time to time the cobbled stone 'kalderimi' paths are visible. It is about 2 hours to Lafkos and in or near the plateia, shops and tavernas for refreshment. From Lafkos we follow the route for Platania as far as the Mikro road. From there we take small forest tracks and kalderimi to the monastery of Agios Spiridon. If open you will be welcomed by the nuns, maybe offered refreshment. We continue and find the Platania to Promyri kalderimi which we follow through to Promyri.

Follow the old kalderimi.

We leave Argalasti following the route as best we can of the original kalderimi to Lafkos. At first it is an asphalt road then a track but from time to time we see the original paved path.

Passing the Kentavros farm


Crossing the Lafkos road 1.

The kalderimi crosses the Lafkos road three times. Here the true kalderimi was destroyed by the building of the road. So we follow a narrow footpath for a few hundred meters (after crossing the road). Later you will see we are back on a well defined kalderimi.

Crossing the remma (stream)

A pretty river bed that we cross to continue on our way.

Crossing the Lafkos road 2

The path which is now an earth road, meets the asphalt road again. About 15 meters up hill the kalderimi continues on the other side of the road.

Approaching Lafkos

Approaching Lafkos we have crossed the road a third time. Follow the path. There are two slight left turns that may not be immediately obvious. Do not enter any of the olive groves on the right and you will be OK.

Xatsovrisi spring.

A lovely water fountain just before reaching Lafkos village.

Lafkos plateia


Turning for Promyri on the Mikro Road

One week ago we placed new waymarker signs here. Turn left for Promyri and straight ahead for Platania. Sadly someone has stolen the metal post and signs within a few days. We will replace it! Anyway turn left down this small track that will lead to a lovely forest path.

Deep in the forest

This lovely woodland trail was reopened by us in October 2017. Here it follows the river bed for a few meters. Original kalderimi stones are visible here. We then find the path on the left side of the stream through the forest.

Leave the stream and pick up the footpath on the left side.


Agios Spiridon Monastery

If the doors are open, you will be welcome to look inside. The nuns may offer refreshment and there is a lovely little shop display of local products including excellent honey and tsiperou (Raki).

Agios Spiridon Monastery - Chapel


Agios Spiridon Monastery - local produce and refectory


Agios Spiridon Monastery - Sister Anthimi

After a warm welcome, we were given mandarins as we left.

Another stream crossing

Leaving the monastery we follow a path downhill through woodland at the edge of an olive grove. We cross another stream and continue on our way.

On the main Promyri path

We have now joined the main Platania to Promyri kalderimi. We have crossed the Platania road and we follow this path all the way to our destination. In places there is water damage to the original path and activity by foresters.

Approaching Promyri

Here is a short section of beautiful stone path. Immediately afterwards landslides have covered the path and a narrow earth path is cut as a way through. Then we cross another stream. If you see a black 'sludge' it is a waste product from the olive press. It should not be disposed of in the river, but it is. It is not toxic as it is simply olive waste, but it is ugly and smelly. The last section of path also has rubbish thrown from the road above! Welcome to Promyri! It is a lovely village however and worth exploring.


Here you are, refreshments at the garage or in the village. A bus leaves here most afternoons at 3.30pm or 4pm and again at 7pm. It goes to Volos via Lafkos, Milina and Argalasti.

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