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  • argazkia ARMENIA - Mt. Aragats North Summit (4.090 m) from Kari Lake
  • argazkia ARMENIA - Mt. Aragats North Summit (4.090 m) from Kari Lake
  • argazkia ARMENIA - Mt. Aragats North Summit (4.090 m) from Kari Lake
  • argazkia ARMENIA - Mt. Aragats North Summit (4.090 m) from Kari Lake
  • argazkia ARMENIA - Mt. Aragats North Summit (4.090 m) from Kari Lake
  • argazkia ARMENIA - Mt. Aragats North Summit (4.090 m) from Kari Lake


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4.112 m
3.208 m
14,85 km

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Nondik gertu: Aragats, Aragatsotn (አርሜኒያ)

Starting from Kari lake, at 3.200 m, we hike up the slopes of the south summit. It is possible to pass through it, but we will orient our steps in order to surround it by the left side and attack directly the saddle between South and West summit. Once there we have our first views of the amazing crater. We descend approximately 300 m to its bottom and hike up again to the saddle between North and East summit. We attack the highest one through a slippery and steep path. Very close to the top there are few aerial passes on the top, through strange volcanic rock formations.
On the way down, after crossing the crater we choose to climb on the eastern side of the south summit, so after leaving the crater we reach the beautiful ridge that brings us easily down to the lake.

Aragats E


Aragats N


Aragats S


Aragats W


Kari Lake

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  • argazkia José Rolo de Sousa

    José Rolo de Sousa 3 feb. 2015

    Seems a nice trail.

  • stefanchitic 27 jul. 2017

    Hello! 7 hours is one way or round trip back to Lake Kari?

  • argazkia danidomingovitx

    danidomingovitx 27 jul. 2017

    Hi Stefan,
    It is the time for the whole hike. But at a quite fast pace.
    Take into account that it is 15 km and +1.500 m in difficult terrain and high altitude, especially after south summit, and make a calculation considering your level and experience.
    Enjoy aragats!

  • stefanchitic 27 jul. 2017

    Thanks a lot! 15 km is the round trip or 30km round trip? Do you know if from Kari Lake there is a signaled path of the trail?

  • argazkia danidomingovitx

    danidomingovitx 27 jul. 2017

    15 km is the whole thing.
    The trail is not signaled, but it is quite obvious if there's no fog

  • stefanchitic 27 jul. 2017

    Thanks a lot! Stefan

  • trochymiak.m 2 abr. 2018

    Hi. Seems nice. I want to go this trail in the first half od May. How difficult it can be with snow all around? Full equimpent will be neccessary? Are there any dangereuos moments? Thx

  • argazkia chaichi چایچی

    chaichi چایچی 31 may. 2018

    i think may is to soon especially if you want to try north summit the slop of rocks after south summit for north summit is dangerous for may and will be a lot of snow we found a lot on july also please consider the total time you need at least 9 hours for normal hiking but if you consider winter hiking with winter equipment and gain 1500m May possible be care about non pointed way and use GPS device

  • JSIP 5 ago. 2018

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    Thanks for this path, mate, it was really stunning.
    We fully followed the track till we got stuck on the way back to Kari lake, at the ridge: we couldn't take the same pass that leads to the ridge because of a huge ice piece. Instead, we climbed the south summit (very dangerous). Then, from the summit, we reached the pass and walked on the ridge.
    This was in August 2018.

  • riosambesi 28 nov. 2018

    Hi, I´m writing a book about hiking and mountaineering in Armenia. So the highest point of the country is a must. You consider the difficulty level as moderate. Why do most of the other reports consider that track as (very) difficult?
    Which of the 2 tracks (up/down) is easier?
    Cheers, Michael

  • argazkia danidomingovitx

    danidomingovitx 29 nov. 2018

    Hi Michael,
    I think any summit of 4000 m is a challenge and anyone attempting should have some mountaineering skills and know how to be safe out there.
    Having said that I rate it as moderate because, aside the length and the altitude, I don't find any objective difficulty, as it is only hiking.
    The only delicate part could be the scrambling in the ridge between the pre summit and the summit. But it is short and optional.

    The track going up is a little easier, but I always enjoy doing circular hikes.

    All the best with your book. Would be happy to get a copy if you publish it!


  • argazkia Polisario

    Polisario 29 nov. 2018

    thanks! Email me (riosambesi@web.de) and I'll send you a copy when the book is ready. however, it's in german and won't be available before spring 2020

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