1.490 m
805 m
12,47 km

Bisitak 460, kokapena 4

Nondik gertu Lastic, Ouest (Ayiti)

Don't be thrown off by the name. It's actually a very pleasant place!

But it's the translated name of the area according the locals.

To get to the starting point of the hike, you need to follow the indicated way points using a 4WD car. While driving, you cross a riverbed. Most of the time the riverbed is dry, but it might be a different story after a serious rain shower. It might even be impossible to pass. The last part of the drive is going reasonably steep up the mountain on a track that is usually only used by motorbikes. Keep your eyes open for big rocks or holes in the road.

From the indicated starting point, the track crosses another riverbed, which is usually dry as well and when you get across, a rather steep climb will start in a small track. While going up the mountain, you'll hear the sound of a waterfall, but from this side, you can't see it. But on your way back when you are almost back at the starting point, you'll get a good view on it (from a distance).

After around 1 km of steep climbing, you have climb roughly 300 meters and get to the ridge of the mountain. Here the climbing is not yet over, but will get a bit easier and there is a lot more to see. Follow the ridge for 1 km, climbing around 250 meters.

Now you get in an area where there are a few houses left and right. Follow the track for around 1 km and you'll reach the highest point of the track at almost 1500 meter altitude.

From the highest point, the track slowly descends 200 meter over the next 3 km when you follow a track next to a small (dry) stream. Once you cross the stream for the second time, you will be climbing again for around 1 km, gaining around 100 meters, which is the second peak of the walk. After that, the last 5 km are virtually all down hill.

For the last roughly 3 kilometres, you will follow the unpaved road. It's quite steep going down, but by following the road, it should be quite easy and not too slippery.

As mentioned, around 1 km before you get back to the starting point, you'll get a good look of the waterfall across the valley. I hope there is as much water as the day we passed it, so you can see it's a pretty tall waterfall.

Continue on the road until you get to the starting point.

During the track, there is will not be much chance to buy water or anything else, so make sure you bring plenty with you.


Park you car here and start the hike, crossing the riverbed.

5. Exit River

Exit the river at the is point and follow the road up the mountain to the parking

4. Via point

Continue the track via this piece of land that is a little higher than the river. You'll probably see several motor taxis waiting for customers.

2. Exit Road

Leave the larger road here and take the smaller road to the right, which will bring you down to the riverbed.

3. Enter Riverbed

Follow the road through the riverbed. Just follow the track made by other to avoid getting stuck anywhere.

1. Exit Main Road

Exit the main road at this point. From here it will be unpaved road, so turn on the 4WD

Highest Point

The highest point of the trail

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