1.339 m
-27 m
15,81 km

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Nondik gertu: Claggan, Scotland (United Kingdom)

The highest summit in all the island that you can achieve, via the most popular way to do it. Really nice view but only if weather allow it. You have to have a minimum fitness level to do it due to long distance and more than 1200m that you have to climb.

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  • argazkia maxsteel

    maxsteel 19-sep-2015

    Hope you enjoyed Ben and its fog

  • argazkia Blanch de Blanchs

    Blanch de Blanchs 22-sep-2015

    Thank you. I really enjoyed it because the weather that day was incredible (if we consider that it's Scotland). (see photos that I just recently posted).

  • Gino Taccuino 19-ene-2020

    Hello! I have a couple of questions because I'm thinking of doing this track on my holidays. Is doing this track in August any good? And how long does it take to get to the top and back to the start? Thanks if you have to chance to answer this

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