573 m
231 m
9,41 km

Bisitak 2209, kokapena 61

Nondik gertu Sérail, Martinique (Martinique)

You can begin this hike from one of three points: (1) From the West off Road N3 (Route de Balata); (2) From the North East off RD15b (Voie communate Dite de Bahuaut) at park of Coeur Bouliki; or (3) From the South East off Road N4. We began from the South East route (3).
The access was a road off of N4 that rose up the hill ending at the water tower where there was room to turn the car around and park.
The hike was beautiful, full of flowers, fern, natural greenery, cows, cow droppings and even a few chickens! From this route, you had a view of Fort de France and beyond. You would not have this view using the other starting points unless you went off the main loop.
We did the hike going clockwise. The hike was not difficult, but DID have a long string of steps at one end (man made and natural) going down... and similarly, a long string of steps going up later in the hike. This hike would only be difficult if you cannot do steps or if there was a lot of rain, making the trail very muddy. As it was for us, it must have rained the day before or in the night as it was quite muddy in spots... so we just proceeded carefully.
There were a several water crossings: The first was a very small stream, the second was a suspension bridge which has been repaired and is operational once again, the third, fourth, and fifth were fords (one of which had an optional bridge... the others... you just walked through and got wet shoes!)
We did this hike on a Sunday. There were MANY people of all sizes and ages... families/groups walking and running the trail. Most everyone we met started from the park of Coeur Bouliki.
Leave lots of time to enjoy the surrounding beauty! It is a beautiful hike!!!

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