108 m
49 m
1,15 km

Bisitak 2195, kokapena 25

Nondik gertu Boaventura, Madeira (Portugal)

More info: http://bit.ly/pocoandre

- The difficulty of this track depends on the flow of the stream. Don't take risks.
- There is no trail. You have to improvise, crossing the river several times.
- You should only do this walk with good weather conditions.
- You should bring water and food, clothing and appropriate footwear (extra clothing in case you get too wet).
- The use of walking poles is recommended.
- Time: 1h15m

Ikusi gehiago external

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  • argazkia pedrommonteiro

    pedrommonteiro 16-jun-2019

    Mais uma feita correu tudo bem como planeado. Obrigado abraço.

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