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Nondik gertu Volcán Arenal, Alajuela (Costa Rica)

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Un agradable sendero desde el Arenal Observatory Lodge hasta La Fortuna Waterfall, se puede hacer en ambos sentidos. La lluvia podría arrasar parte del camino. La caminata opcional corta hasta el cráter es muy empinada y muy difícil.
Crater Floor (lake)
La Fortuna WaterFall. Parking Avail here.

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  • argazkia martinelle

    martinelle 21-ene-2013

    Hello Anthon, we want to start from the Parc entrance. Do you think it's possible? do you recommend the use of poles for that hike?



  • Anthon 21-ene-2013

    We did the trail without poles. When you mean park entrance are you talking about the waterfall?

  • argazkia martinelle

    martinelle 21-ene-2013

    Hello Anthon,

    No I meant from the Arenal Volcano Parc entrance. You can see it left in your map. If you chose the "open street map" option, you will see other trails... from the parc entrance to the observatory lodge...

    Where are you from by the way? I uploaded you trail. We are 6 persons who love hiking from Canada leaving this Friday for Costa rica... thank again. Won't put my poles in the luggages than...Martine

  • Anthon 21-ene-2013

    We are Canadians and live in the Montreal Area :)

    We love hiking, we havent had too many chances to get any done in the last 2 years. Are last trip was in patagonia in Argentina... come to think of it, i think my trails are still in my GPS!!

    in what part of Canada do you guys live?

    I am pertty sure we walked from the park entrance to the observatory lodge. i remember we had got a lift from the hotel and they drop us off at some kinda lodge with lots of parking. if i take a look at google maps, there is not parking around the observatory. I would have to check my pictures to confirm at 100%, i will try to take a look tonight :)

  • argazkia martinelle

    martinelle 22-ene-2013

    Salut Anthon, we are also from the Montreal region! Do you speak french??

    anyway yes if you can have a look at your pictures and try to figure it out! I'm not sure if it's not to long... I will ask the parc administration if you're not sure.

    Did you hike somewhere else in CR? I'm planning to do the Rio Celeste trail, walk in the Monteverde Cloud forest Reserve, and do the Manuel Antonio trails. We will also visit the Carara reserve, the Barra Honda parc, the Diria parc, the marine Las Baulas and Tortuguero.

    Thanks again!

  • Anthon 22-ene-2013

    What a coïncidence… bien sûr je parle français, mais côté écriture, ce n’est pas top.

    So i checked my pictures, we took off from a small hotel (or hostel) and hiked from there to the fall. pictures were not much help. I remember the drive was quite a ways off the main road, so i guess we drove part of the way inside the park. (sorry not much help).

    We did do the Manual Antonio trails, very flat, lots of monkeys and nice beach (if we are talking about the same trail?) We only had 1 week and took some time to visit san jose and go to Jaco. are week was too loaded to get anything else in. :( looks like you guys are going to have a great week (or two) ahead!

    have fun. We are heading to vietnam this year, again very little hiking, but a great change in pace :)

  • argazkia martinelle

    martinelle 22-ene-2013

    Thanks Anthon, you were a are a good help. I downloaded your trail and if they tell me the trail is to long in one day, we will probably drive further and catch your hostel.

    I wish you a good trip to Vietnam! Wow nice place I wish I go in my life. Take good trails map again!

    And I will give you news when I'm back on the Arenal-LaFortuna trail.

    merci beaucoup encore une fois et bon voyage!

  • argazkia apicado72

    apicado72 28-feb-2014

    Hello friend I am from Costa Rica
    route seems very good. I wonder if you have to pay to go through the hotel arenal lodge or is passing by.

  • aitorpazos666 10-feb-2019

    The way up to Cerro Chato is forbiden right now but they still try to charge you at the hotel.

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