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  • argazkia Dajti Crest Trail
  • argazkia Dajti Crest Trail
  • argazkia Dajti Crest Trail
  • argazkia Dajti Crest Trail
  • argazkia Dajti Crest Trail
  • argazkia Dajti Crest Trail


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16 de junio de 2012

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junio 2012
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Nondik gertu: Shkallë, Tiranë (Albania)

The traverse from Qafe Priske to the summit of Dajti is among the highlights of any Dajti visit.

Ridge walks in this part of of Albania can be difficult: there is usually no path, and blocks of rocks and bushwhacks tend to slow down progress. The Dajti Crest Trail is delightfully different. There is a well marked trail (for most of the hike), the pieces of rock are easy to travel and no bushwhack is necessary. Much of the walk is in the shade of huge beech trees, which makes the hike also suitable in summer. We nevertheless made an early start (in June) starting from the trailhead before 6 am, and we have no regrets.

Access to the summit itself is not allowed without permission, though you may try your luck and negotiate with the staff of the radio towers.

As this is not a loop hike, returning to your car might be a challenge. Once at the end of the hike (at the mountain station of the cable car), we took one of the shuttle buses to the many restaurants on the Dajti balcony, had lunch and negotiated with them to take us back to our car on Qafe Priske. Alternatively, you may have a friend dropping you at Qafe Priske, and then take the cablecar back to Tirana.

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  • argazkia Hombre

    Hombre 26 ago. 2012

    This looks like a great moderate trail to hike with my wife. I've been reading about your adventures, and now am residing here in Tirana for about six months, until my wife's visa is approved, however, I plan on returning every 4-6 months for long visits. Keep up the good work. I like to get more information about this trail if possible at hombreusa@yahoo.com, or visit with you. Thank you.

  • argazkia Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction 6 oct. 2012

    Hombre, for some reason I never got the alert of your message, and only saw it today.

    Have you done the trail already? If you wish, we can meet one of these days...

    Best, palmtreeproduction

  • argazkia Hombre

    Hombre 16 jul. 2013

    Amigo, I am back to this page. I have hiked many trails, mainly from the cemetery where the white bus last drops you off, going towards the castle. I have walked the road up til it ends, and have found two trails, if you go south from where the road ends, if you follow the gravel road up, there is a house under construction on your right side, you keep going up until you find a clearing where someone started to build something but stopped. There I saw a trail marked F.G. under the trees, I only went 30 minutes in and turned back due to lack of time and late in the day. I wonder where it goes?

    The other trail is the opposite, more of a rock trail that winds around the mountain and below you can see a new road the government is building. I followed the trail for one hour, until it lead me back into the trees, but had to turn back due to lack of time. My hikes start around 11am on Sundays. Same question, I wonder where it goes?

    Please contact me at hombreusa@yahoo.com and let me know which trail you are talking about. I hike alone, for all the people I know smoke, and as you know, smokers won't last 30 minutes. My wife is too busy to come with me, so I go alone, but have met many people. If you visi my FB group, you will see all of my vids and pics, perhaps you can give me pointers. I look forward to your reply amigo!

  • argazkia Hombre

    Hombre 23 sept. 2013

    Amigo, we can meet, no problem, will be my pleasure to do so. We can meet at Cafe Europa, just west of Avni Rustemi Square. I told my wife we need to hike this trail this week due to great weather, we don't want to hike during rainy season. I will be waiting for your reply my friend. Thank you, and look forward to seeing you.

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