• argazkia Dorset Mountain 4/5/8
  • argazkia Dorset Mountain 4/5/8

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Noiz igoa 6 de abril de 2008

Noiz egina abril 2008

1.159 m
456 m
12,18 km

Bisitak 2935, kokapena 83

Nondik gertu North Dorset, Vermont (United States)

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05-APR-08 8:29:06AM - 05-APR-08 8:29:06AM

Dorset Mountain 4/5/8

Dorset Mountain - Dorset Mountain

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  • argazkia jmmdds

    jmmdds 06-abr-2008

    Lower half is access to hunting camps: vehicles blocking access on the jeep trail may anger the owners.
    Upper half is well maintained snowmobile trails: postholing may anger the trail maintainers.

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