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439 m
6,68 km

Bisitak 2205, kokapena 29

Nondik gertu Áno Skotína (Greece)

This 6.5 km walk is one that is worth attempting practically all year round
and detailed enough for GPS.
The most enjoyable period however is between the end of April, collect as much theme flowers you can find to dry them for tea, to end of October to feast on "koumara" the local berries.
After heavy rain some parts are becoming muddy and I wouldn't recommend it when snowing except if you are an experienced one, with the right equipment.
The walk will reward you double the effort warranted. Early in the morning the birds will sing their hearts all the way down, the smell of the forest and the wild flowers will stay with you for long after you finish your holidays.
Starting again from the Xenona in Ano Skotina, follow the same route as in the oregano walk to reach the main road. Negotiate the blockage on the path before you exit on the main road with care as the views are so delightful that you may loose concentration. Follow the main road on the way down for a few hundred meters and then turn left again in the chestnut forest. If the steep part we recommend further down is too slippery there is a way around it.
Look around within the chestnut trees were moss is growing on the floor for mushrooms if you are doing the walk after the end of August.
When you reach Palaios Panteleimonas head for the church and have a coffee and a pie in the square.
If you are planning to head back you can follow the same route or use the tarmac road which is almost 1.5 km longer until you hit the end of the oregano walk where you will need to turn right heading back to Ano Skotina. Remember always to leave marks behind you if you are planning to return even if you have a GPS device.
We highly recommend this walk for groups and you may even consider returning just before the nightfall. Do not do it alone if you do not know the terrain well enough.
If you do it in summer take plenty of water with you on the way up.
It will take you almost 75 to 90 minutes on the way down and at least 120 on the way up.


Rocks block part of the path


Now you deserve a coffee and a greek pie

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