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22 de abril de 2014

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1.315 m
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5,07 km

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Nondik gertu: Brinsley, New South Wales (Australia)

This walk is identified as 3.8km/2.5hrs on the sign. However, the distance does not include about an additional 700+ metres if you want to visit the falls. The time on the other hand is very generous and the walk can be done in 2.5 hours even if you spend 50 minutes at various points enjoying the view etc.

Mt Canobolas at 1397m is one of the highest points for a long way around. So this means that it is often very windy, cold, covered in cloud and mist. So make sure that you have appropriate clothing. Of course, this day was picture perfect, 15 degrees C and no wind at all.

This walk can be done a number of ways. If you want to just visit the falls then the northern leg is the best one to use, it is shorter and much less steep. If you do the loop then the recommended direction is to start with the southern path and return via the northern path - this is indeed the best route.

As noted above the information and signs do not mention that the falls themselves are on a short, but VERY steep, offshoot from the loop itself. There are metal hand rails - however, if your knee joints are not in good condition then this last part of the track will be very difficult. The rest of the track is still enjoyable.

There is a lot of parking at the Federal Falls camping ground. The camping area is excellent, and there are toilets.

The path is well maintained, mostly single file, with a lot of timber steps to reduce damage to the trail. The forest is varied and there is a creek (that feeds the falls) and other interesting trees and plants along the way.

The track takes you to the bottom of the falls, the is lots of water spray and you can enjoy a break in a very pleasant environment.

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What looks like a very new bridge on the track.


This is the creek that feeds the falls. The trail runs along the edge of the creek for a while.

Federal Falls

The falls themselves.

Federal Falls Camping

Camping area and parking.


Just when you least expect it a seat to enjoy the view.
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There are quite a few steps on the trail.

To Falls

Branch off here for the falls.

To Hopetoun Falls

The track to Hopetoun Falls starts here. The Hopetoun Falls trail is more difficult physically, and slightly less well defined than the Federal Falls trail.


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Very Steep A

There are two very steep sections of track on the way to the falls.
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Very Steep B

Another section of steep track.

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  • BOB go slow 11 nov. 2016

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    The loop walk is easy, but steep in sections. The offshoot to the bottom of the falls is challenging. 2.5-3 hours is about right for us (although we are going slowly at times), longer if we stop for a while at the falls.

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