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987 m
13,72 km

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Nondik gertu Matschwitz, Vorarlberg (Austria)

Why worthwhile? Very beautiful trip across a ridge with a view across the whole Rätikon (with as highlight the Drei Türme), but also towards the Hinteres Montafon and Silbertal.

Starting point: Parking lot at the valley station of the Golmerbahn [Latschau – Schruns / Tschagguns - Montafon]

Time: 5½ hours.

Difficulty Rating: 3

Details: Well marked paths during the whole route. In the beginning short, steep climb, than ‘Höhenweg’ (max. height difference100 – 150m). Short fish bone passage just before the top of the Geiss Spitze (trittsicherheit / schwindelfreiheit!). Tiring, steep descent towards Lindauer Hütte. The across alp- and supply roads to Latschau. Long mountain tour.

Route description:

We park the car on the large (free) parking lot at the valley station of the Golmerbahn (artificial lake). In 2 parts we go to a 1890m height (Golm / Grüneck). While walking out of the building signs towards “Golmer Joch” / “Golmer Höhenweg” are found. Here we go straight on up on the steep supply road (ski piste). After several tens of meters we go right on to a newly made, broad foot path which makes it possible to avoid the supply road. At a T-intersection we keep to the left (right goes towards a ski lift). Higher up we again cross the supply road again and start climbing the Golmerjoch (mountain cross).

From here on it alternates going up or down the mountain, always staying on the fish bone. The highest top after the Golmerjoch is the Latschätz Kopf. This whole route is marked red-white-bleu. The following high top (Kreuzjoch) on our right hand side will not be climbed, but walked past below on the left towards Hätabergerjoch. On Hätabergerjoch the climb to the Geiss Spitze starts. Wilder Mann (a top of 1 stone giant) is circumvented on the left after which the fish bone road follows to the top of the Geiss Spitze. Several short passages have to be taken carefully, yet aren’t difficult. After a reasonably steep climb we reach the top of the Geiss Spitze.

De descent to the Lindauer Hütte is partly steep, yet well worn out and starts South-East of the mountain cross. First across a part of grass covered rock, then –the largest part – across a grass covered slope. And later on, almost at the bottom at about 1850m height, through a field of “Lätschen” and a pine wood forest. After well an hour, we reach the large – and visible from afar – Lindauer Hütte.

After our break we go north from the cabin, following the supply road towards Latschau. After several minutes a footpath left goes straight on (the supply road goes to the right – Signs “Latschau – Untere Spora Alpe”). Then a descent parallel to a small creek, we reach the huts of the Untere Spora Alpe. After the alm huts a small path goes to the left, following a bit. After a while we reach the Untere Latschatz Alpe. From here on we follow the supply road towards Latschau. After passing the Gauertal Haus we reach, crossing a bridge, another supply road that goes on along the other side of the valley. Straight on here, the supply road becomes hardened in Latschau, past Gasthaus Mottabella back to the parking lot.

Done in 2002.

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