• argazkia Gold Bug Hot Springs Trail, Idaho
  • argazkia Gold Bug Hot Springs Trail, Idaho

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Noiz igoa 9 de octubre de 2017

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1.671 m
1.356 m
6,08 km

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Nondik gertu: Elk Bend, Idaho (United States)

A great trail to hike. Make sure you take a swimming costume and towel with you as the hot springs at the end are well worth the climb!
The trail starts with a fairly steep climb (on private property, so respect the owner's privacy) flattens out for a while and then has quite a steep climb for the last 0.5 miles.
I had never been to any hot springs before and was very impressed with the ones at the end of this trail. Relax in them and soak up the view!

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    chuktA 22-oct-2017

    Also know that there is No Overnight Camping in the Parking Lot
    No Camping w/in 500' of the Springs.

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