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Nondik gertu: San Feliciano, Umbria (Italia)

Easy hike on the pleasant island Isola Polvese, suited for children. On the island you will find olive groves, oak woodland, reedland, a castello, lawns, a small beach, a bar-restaurant and other facilities to enjoy a nice day out. The island is not permanently inhabited, but is a scientific park and managed sustainably. The day we were there it seemed popular for school trips.
You arrive to the island from San Feliciano (by the way, do not forget to visit Oasi Naturalistica La Valle when you are there with an abundance of birds and a large chance of observing beavers). The schedule can be found by googling ‘traghetti Polvese’.
After leaving the boat you walk down a pier and then a lane towards the bar-restaurant. From here, you turn north-east on a lane lined by poplars towards the eastern point of the island. Here there is a big lawn for pick nicking or playing, and there are also canoes to rent. Walking along the shore you arrive on the small beach (see waypoint) where you will find some sand and reed umbrellas to give it a bit of a tropical feel. From here a path takes you on the northern side of the island to the northwestern point of the island. This part of the island is covered in woodland. The path here is shaded by the trees. At the northwestern point you can climb some stairs to a viewpoint and after that you follow the path on the southern side back towards the ferry dock. Here, you will find reedlands and wet habitats. Just before you arrive to the castello, you turn left to approach the castello from above (see waypoint). After having given the castello a look, you continue back towards the restaurant. Just before the restaurant you turn left to make another inland looping on the island. This loop takes you through century old olive groves, past a farmstead (where you could also stay the night), and up to the highest point of the island. We saw two snakes here (one of them I later determined to be the green whip snake, or ‘geelgroene toornslang’ in Dutch) on the stone wall lining the path. They were basking in the sun and disappeared in small holes as soon we passed. The inland loop ends at the bar-restaurant where you can buy another drink waiting for the boat to take you back.
There are little maps displayed on some places on the island (I included one photo of such a map with this track), so you can also easily choose another hike.
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There is a little beach here. Some white sand is deposited here, and there are some reed umbrellas to give the place a 'tropical beach' feel. There is also a little pier to dock small boats, as well as grass and pick nick tables.


There is a a little castle here. You can have a look inside at the southeastern tower, although there is not much to see apart from the walls and the tower.
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Ferry dock

Here the ferry docks on a pier with views of the reedland to the east. There is a kind of boathouse welcoming you to the island in several languages.
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Path on northern shore

This path on the northern shore is shaded by the woodland on the northern slope of the island. On a few places you could enter the water but there are hardly any facilities. The last two pictures were taken on the northwestern tip of the island where you will also find stairs to a viewing point.
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Path on southern shore

The path on the southern shore has a different character than the path on the northern shore. You will find reed thickets and marsh-like vegetation.

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  • argazkia ceci72

    ceci72 06-sep-2016

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Ikusi gehiago

    l'isola è bellissima apprezzo moltissimo gli scenari del lago

  • argazkia Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 06-sep-2016

    Ciao ceci72. Grazie per la tua opinione. Bello che ti sia piaciuto!

  • Ank 01-jul-2017

    Beste Tjaart, dit lijkt me een erg mooie wandeling, wil 'm graag gaan doen in september a.s. Ik had 'm bij mijn favoriten gezet, maar dei kan ik niet terugvinden! Gelukkig wist ik deze nog precies, maar wáár zijn m'n andere favoriten? Kan jij me soms helpen, ik heb al van alles geprobeerd.

  • argazkia Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 01-jul-2017

    Beste Ank. Als je rechtsboven naast je naam op het peiltje naar beneden op 'je profiel' klikt, dan zie je bovenin je favoriete routes staan. Of je kunt deze link volgen: Succes en veel plezier in september!

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