Denbora  3 ordu 40 minutu

Koordenatuak 520

Noiz igoa 18 de noviembre de 2018

Noiz egina noviembre 2018

516 m
215 m
5,58 km

Bisitak 32, kokapena 4

Nondik gertu Kírki, East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece)

Easy access from the village Kirki, following an unpaved road and crossing the railway road. After that, we cross Eirinis stream and we start ascending and finally park the car in a junction of two dirt roads. We continue on foot following an ascending dirt road until it stops . From ths point, if we continue on foot to the right, we can ascend up to Tigris peak (414m). If we go straight the path starts descending and if we go left the path goes up to panayir tepe, with magnificent views of the village and St. Paraskevi chapel. Beware that the path after viewpoint 2 is not recommended for beginners (steep descend).
Viewpoint 1
Viewpoint 2
Strange rocks

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