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Nondik gertu: Lucca, Toscana (Italia)

Great walk on the Lucca city walls and into town. The city walls have been completely preserved and a walk and cycle way goes around on them. The city itself is a jewel with great historical buildings, and is a lively and atmospheric town. The walk is easy, and children will like it as well.
We came by car and started out at Piazzale Risorgimento, but you could start this walk from the train station as well. You climb onto the city wall at the rampart of San Colombano, and then walk clockwise around the city walls with 9 other ramparts on the way. The walls and the area around it give the impression of a park, with lots of trees and grass. You could also rent various types of bicycle on or near the city walls. At the San Regolo rampart you leave the walls and enter the city along Via del Fosso. You pass below city gate Porta Santi Gervasio e Protasio into Via Santa Croce. You pass by the Santa Maria Forisportam on your way to Torre Guinigi. You can climb this tower for a fee so you can enjoy a great view of the town. Trees grow on top of the tower. After climbing the tower you go back a bit and continue towards the old amphitheater via San Pietro Somaldi. This amphitheater is now a great piazza with restaurants. You continue via San Frediano and walk through the main shopping street Via Fillungo, where you climb another tower (Torre Civica). You walk to Piazza San Michele with the impressive Chiesa di San Michele in Foro. Via Piazza Napoleon and Piazza del Giglio you walk towards the Duomo on Piazza San Martino and then leave the city again via Baluardo San Colombano.

Baluardo San Colombano

Baluardo (rampart) San Colombano is where the walk enters the city wall
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Basilica di San Frediano

A enormous mosaic decorates the front facade of this church.
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Chiesa di San Michele in Foro

Beautiful church
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City Wall east side

East side of the city wall (between San Pietro and Liberta ramparts).
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City Wall north side

North side of the city wall (between Santa Croce and San Pietro ramparts).
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City Wall south side

South side of the city wall (between Liberta and San Paolini ramparts).
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City Wall west side

West side of the city wall (between San Paolini and Santa Croce ramparts).
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Piazza del Giglio

Piazza with statue of Garibaldi
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Piazza dell'Anfiteatro

Piazza in the middle of the former Roman amphitheater, now surrounded by houses.
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Piazza San Martino

Square in front of the Duomo
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Piazza San Pietro Somaldi

Square in front of the San Pietro Somaldi church
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Piazza Santa Maria Forisportam

Square in front of the Santa Maria Forisportam church
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Piazzale Risorgimento

Square where we started out the walk
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Porta Santi Gervasio e Protasio

City gate

Torre Guinigi

You can climb this tower (see for a fee (4 € for an adult in 2017). The view is great. Trees grow on the top.
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Via del Fosso

In the middle of this street is a fast flowing stream with clear water.
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Via Fillungo

Via Fillungo is the main shopping street in Lucca.

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  • argazkia Lara Lucky Red

    Lara Lucky Red 5 mar. 2021

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Ikusi gehiago

    Una bellissima camminata per ammirare la bellezza di Lucca, dalle mura al centro della città, alla portata di tutti!!

  • argazkia Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp 5 mar. 2021

    Grazie, Lara, per la raccomandazione e la recensione! Bello che ti sia piaciuto

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