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237 m
193 m
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Nondik gertu Carriage Hill, Tennessee (United States)

Middle creek falls. The trailhead is about three miles down Suck Creek Road in Chattanooga. Just as you see the silver guard rail you should see cars parked along it on the side of the road. You ender the trail between the rails. Usually, there is a lot of trash at the entrance. Today there was a couch. Once there were tons of old tires. If you didn't know there was a trail there you would just keep driving. The first part is easy and you could spend a couple of hours just taking pictures at the beginning. To get back to the bigger falls you have to do a lot of rock hopping and maneuvering through the boulder field. It is extremely difficult to get over near the bigger falls but you can do it. Just go slow and pay attention.

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