307 m
2 m
17,59 km

Bisitak 3967, kokapena 43

Nondik gertu Skarsvåg, Finnmark (Norway)

Europe’s northernmost point (N 71°11’08’’). Marked hiking trail, 18 km round trip from Highway E69. Excellent view towards the North Cape Plateau. By walking the world’s northernmost hiking trail to Knivskjelodden, you can write your name in the hiking association’s minute book at Knivskjelodden at the year 2000 cairn. More details on: http://www.neverstopexploring.be !

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  • CookieM 11-ene-2016

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    What a scenery! *.*

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