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Noiz igoa 21 de septiembre de 2014

Noiz egina septiembre 2014

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598 m
250 m
10,93 km

Bisitak 3170, kokapena 40

Nondik gertu Oker, Niedersachsen (Deutschland)

This track takes you to various viewpoints in the Okertal. Pure walking time is less than three hours, in general the path is easy to follow and not very challenging. Only one really step ascend (after the Treppenstein) and one steep descend after Feigenbaumklippe (which can be avoided by taking a small detour).

Since my GPS took some time to start recording, the first few 100 meters are no real GPS tracks but only manual approximations.

At the end, after the Romkerhall Waterfall, I lost the track a bit and had to walk a short while on the road before finding my way back to the „Alte Harzstrasse“. Due to bad GPS-reception this does not show really well... I would recommend that after the Waterfall you try to stick to the „Schoppenstedter Weg“ until you reach the „Alte Harzstrasse“ which leads you back to the starting point. Alternatively you cross the Oker at Romkerhalle and follow the „E6“ back to the parking place (which by the way does not really look official...)

For this trail I was inspired by Dumont's hiking guide „Wanderführer Harz“ (ISBN 978-3-7701-8050-9) which I highly recommend as it has 35 circular trails all through the Harz.

01 ParkingStart

Inofficial Parking and start/end point of trail

02 Begin of GPS Track


03 Shelter

Local hut

04 Excursion to Treppenstein


05 Restaurant and Viewpoint

Alte vom Berg at Kästehaus

06 Mausefalle


07 Feigenbaumklippe


08 Top of Romkerhaller Waterfall

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  • Guy Detienne 23-sep-2014

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    J'ai fait cet itinéraire au mois d'août, très beau itinéraire.

  • argazkia Jan Hofman

    Jan Hofman 12-ago-2019

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  egiaztatua  Gehiago ikusi

    Prachtige wandeling!!

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