2.613 m
570 m
10,85 km

Bisitak 1359, kokapena 28

Nondik gertu Pengkereman, Propinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat (Indonesia)

Track to the rim of the Rinjani Rim. The way up is quite hard and it is done in one day. The way is covered by jungle vegetation so you cannot enjoy very much the views. Also the hot weather in combination with the vegtation and the humidity made it quite hard as well. You may know that to make this trekking you are force to use at least a porter. We contract the services of John´s adventure and we ejoyed very much with them. It is very frustrating to see yourself exausted and the young porters overtake you wearing only flip-flops!
Amazing views of the small vulcano into the crater area and fantastic sunshine and sunrise. You can continue to the summit, we only contracted the guided hike to the rim. The way down is so steep you have to be careful. if you are lucky you can see black-tile monkeys. The bad point is the ammount of rabbish that we have found in our way, specially in the camp site.

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