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77 m
24 m
16,34 km

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Nondik gertu: Hoog Buurlo, Gelderland (Nederland)

This track has all the characteristics of walks in the Veluwe area. Extensive sand planes, forests, a hill top, moorland, sandy paths here and there, plus the vegetation that comes with it.

A most rewarding walk with a beautiful finale from the last waypoint to the car park.

One footnote however, the track is suboptimal after crossing the road for the 2nd time. This is due to the intensive forestry work being done there and the paths that seemed to have vanished from the map. This means that in this wooded area there are branches and tree trunks to step over. Perhaps an alternative (via broader tracks) is recommendable if you want to avoid this. Tip: take the broader track from the crossing at 13kms in another direction (left) to arrive at the last waypoint with a bench. (If you do so, there is more moorland and views to enjoy instead of the woods we crossed.)

Car park

Ample parking space here on a car park in a bend of the road. Moreover, a good starting point for walks in the surrounding area. There's also another interesting , signposted walk to do called Heidewandeling (12.5 km)

Beautiful spot on track


Bench near junipers


Near Hoenderloseweg


Ugchelse Berg

From the top a panoramic view all around, favourite spot for many.

bench with view


Bench with extensive views

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