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Noiz igoa 5 de noviembre de 2019

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41 m
-73 m
12,72 km

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Nondik gertu: Wenum, Gelderland (Nederland)

An enjoyable walk north of Apeldoorn and Vaassen, starting out from a parking area next to Wenumse molen, a watermill, an idyllic spot on a beautiful pond, in the village of Wenum-Wiesel.
Along the track you'll also come across another type of mill, located in the more rural areas with pastures and grazing cattle.

Next to the watermill we also discovered an info panel of one of the klompenpaden, Kopermolenpad, 13 kilometers long. And indeed, on our walk we frequently came across the well known signs of these Klompenpaden paths with the two clogs.
Probably, this track and Kopermolenpad cover the same areas ith some slight variations.
Here's the link to that particular path (in Dutch) :
Makes it easier for you to compare the two.

Similar to one of the comments on the site, there is more asphalt along the trail than we had hoped for and anticipated. Still, it's a pleasant and quiet area to go for a hike.

Parking area

Edificio de interés


Here you will also find the start of a so-called Klompenpad Kopermolenpad, 13 kilometers.

Info panel Landhuis de Ploeg





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