2.520 m
1.567 m
10,64 km

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Nondik gertu: Merch-Linacia, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

This hike goes from Selva to Carvara. The hike starts by taking the Dantercepies Cable Car ( 32 T 712161 5159519 WGS 84 ) to the top of the lift. This lift has two sections, so get out on the second stop.
After getting out on the second stop, take route 2. At this portion of the hike is relative flat. Route 2 begins to get steeper after Jimmy Hütte ( 2222m, 7290 ft ).Continue to take route 2 for 3.37 miles ( 5.423 km ) where it intersects with Route 4. This portion of the hike will have some nice views of the mountains, and lakes.At route 4, make right and continue to take route 4 for 1.21 miles ( 1947 m ) where it goes to the right. At this point take route 4a for 2 miles ( 3219 m ) to Carvara.

Approximately 1.51 miles before end of the route 4a, the trail goes through a forest and it is pretty steep. Also route 4A is used by mountain bikers so beware.

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