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Nondik gertu Síkinos, South Aegean (Greece)

Sikinos Island (Chorio-Episkopi-Alopronoia).A Beautiful trail that starts from the Village of Sikinos,goes through Episcopi Church and finishes at Alopronoia Port.Great scenery of the Aegean Sea with many old agriculture villages,small churches and rocky mountains along your way!Walking towards the trail after one and a half hour you reach Episcopi Church.It's history goes back to the 3rd century.Further on you meet Agios Panteleimonas Church were you can rest while looking at the beautiful view.The trail finishes at the Port of Alopronoia.

Agios Georgios

Small Church of St.George with great view at the Aegean Sea

Great View Aegean Sea

Panoramic view of the south side of Sikinos!

Manalis Winery

A beautiful winery where you can have a glass of wine while enjoying the view

Folegandros View

Here you can enjoy the view of Folegandros Island in the horizon

Rock with holes

While hiking towards Episcopi Church you see this Beautiful rock carved with holes!

Episkopi View From Far

From here you see the Episcopi Church from far ten minutes before reaching there!Great view.
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The church of Episcopi is unique!It used to be an ancient temple and at 300 B.C it was reconstructed by Christians.They builed in top of the temple resulting in this unique piece of Architecture.

Olive Trees

Leaving Episcopi Church you pass through this beautiful scenery with olive trees

Episkopi From Far 2

As you keep walking you can enjoy Episcopi Church from far.

Farm House

A farm house build next to the trail!Honey production is taking place here so be careful of bees.

Santorini View

As you make your way down the trail you enjoy the view of Santorini Island in the horizon

Church on top of the mountain

On top of the mountain on your right hand you can this beautiful small church.

Small Cave

On your way down the trail you can see some small caves!

Santorineika Small Bay

On your way to Agios Panteleimonas you reach this small bay.Trade with Santorini island used to take place here.

Ios View

From here you can see a Part of Ios Island which stands near Sikinos.

Big Rock

This big rock standstill on your way to the trail within this peaceful and isolated place.

Agios Panteleimonas

The Church of Agios Panteleoimonas.On your right hand you can see a lovely beach ideal for swimming.

Old house

Ruins of an old barnyard half an hour before reaching Alopronoia Port and the end of the trail.

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    Merci pour cette belle rando Nous avons juste un peu hésité à la chapelle au dessus de la plage mais tout s'est bien terminé

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