2.399 m
1.492 m
5,63 km

Bisitak 645, kokapena 22

Nondik gertu Koumoustá, Peloponnese (Greece)

This is an easy hike to Taygeto's highest peak "Profitis Ilias" from the hut of the Mountaineering club of Kalamata which is located at a small clearing in the beautiful coniferous "Vasiliki" forest . (the hard part actually is to find your way driving there). The trailhead is beside the hut with a big sign showing also the trail to "Halasmeno" peak. The trail is very well and densely marked by the Club and unless one's totally blind is impossible to miss or get lost. First part is under the canopy of big pines and firs on a mild incline. After 1.5 k you exit the forest and reach a freshwater spring called "Mousgia". There you can fill or replenish your water supply. Then follows a rather steep section leading up to the col of "Patisto". From there you follow the red signs to the right (the blue ones mark the trail to "Halasmeno"). The path traverses under the ridge of the "Spanakaki" peak. In a while you have to scramble up a little bit and attain the ridge. The rest is an easy walk until you reach just below the peak. The final ascent is somewhat steep but not that difficult. (There was an alternate way to ascend where you had to climb up a short section (grade III) called "Kakoskali" marked on the map there is also a mark on the rock).You reach the peak where you see the remains of a ruined chapel (you guessed right , it's dedicated to prophet Ilias) and some other buildings which I really do not know the purpose.
And a couple of points if you try this in winter : 1.Start early for good snow conditions until "Patisto". 2.After "Patisto" try to gain the ridge asap. No risk of avalanche as this is the west windward side and slopes don't hold that much snow but the trail is now an icy slope. Have sharp pointed crampons and ice axe and know how to self arrest. 3.If on the ridge mind the cornices that form towards the east (your right hand side on your way to the peak)

'Ai Giorgis'




'Mousgia' Water Spring


'Patisto' Col


'Spanakaki' Peak


Before final ascent

refugio libre

EOS Kalamatas Hut


Trail in the forest

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  • thomas ditsas 12-mar-2019

    Ibilbide hau egin dut  Gehiago ikusi

    We repeated this trail in 10/3/2019 as part of a circular route (pigi maganiari - refuge - ag. dimitrios (camp) - ridge - Profitis Ilias (peak) - refuge - pigi maganiari). Information for winter ascents is right, I would like to add that you must search for a weather window with low winds because the winds will probably be much higher than the forecast. We had an average 8 Beaufort wind at the ridge with a prediction of 30km/h. Given to high winds (really probable!) and winter conditions I would recommend technical difficulty: difficult.
    Thank you for the upload.

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