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Bisitak 2854, kokapena 25

Nondik gertu Áno Skotína (Greece)

Starting from the church next door of the Xenona as it known locally the Hotel, this walk is an easy short one less then 4,0 km if you return the same way. No need to download on GPS
The views and the environment are breathtaking especially early in the morning.
Collect wild juniper berries and the famous Mt Olympus origano during August. Return the same way. Be aware that there is a blockage near the end of the path before it reaches the main road, that you may wish to negotiate or not.
Start from the church and turn on left on the main road. Follow the road all the way. When you reach the U-Turn that goes up continue straight, (do not turn). Follow the road all the way. A few hundred meters further there is another path to your right that goes up. Ignore it and go straight. Both oregano and junipers are always on the slopes on your right hand side on the way there. You cannot miss them. Look for the orange butterflies that drink the nectar from the oregano flowers. They are beautiful.
If you are there at the end of September early October you can collect as many chesnusts or walnuts as you can carry home for free!

If you are coming to Greece from abroad try any or the airlines flying to Thessaloniki like Easyjet, BA, Aegean, Lufthansa, Austrian etc. There cheap tickets all year round starting from 35 euros.


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